Two Sisters of Mary Discover the Freedom of the Gospel (Perussanoma 2019)

Finnish theologians Marianne Jansson and Riitta Lemmetyinen joined in their youth the German Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary and ministered as nuns in Germany, Norway and Finland. The community has branches also in the US, Canada, Britain, Australia and Israel.

The teaching of Basilea Schlink, the authoritative leader of the Sisters of Mary, was fascinating but legalistic. Marianne and Riitta had no idea of the fact that they had entered one of the most dangerous side-tracks of Christian faith.

"For many years we tried to follow the teaching of the convent. We fought the battle of faith in all sincerity. It was our goal to reach eventually the level when the Lord would find only 'remnants of sin' in us. After nineteen and seventeen years we had to admit: it is hopeless to try to believe this kind of teaching and live accordingly."

Marianne and Riitta had to leave the convent. They found a new, strong foundation for their lives: God's unconditional grace, joy, and freedom in Jesus Christ. Their painful experiences were replaced by new resources in their later fruitful ministry in Bible teaching.

This exciting survival story is important reading also for those, who have never lived inside the walls of a convent. Concerning spiritual communities, the phenomenon is known to be worldwide.

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